what should be stored in root directory windows 10

  • 21 September 2015
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There are a number of folders and a few files located on c, the root directory.  
I am aware that folders such as Programs (x86), Program Data, Temp, Users, and Windows should be there.  How can I know what else should be stored there - and what should not be stored there?
Also, how do I know when or if I can safely delet those folders with the long alphnumeric names?  

1 reply

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Hello ?,
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I am not a Windows expert but I do know that you shouldn't be deleting any files that have alphnumeric names. These could be Windows updates and what not. I also wold not worry about what Folders that you see in the C: Root directory.. These are most likely needed.
If you are trying to gain more space on your C drive and want to clean up abit. Then you can use the Disk Clean up tool that will remove temp. files, recycle bin files..etc.
Click on Disk Cleanup to start the program. You will be asked which drive you want to clean up. The default is C drive. Just make sure it is selected and click on OK. The disk cleanup program will then start analyzing different folders and types of files that it thinks is safe to delete.
The following feature to clear junk files are listed.
  1. Temporary Internet Files
  2. Downloaded Program Files
  3. Offline Webpages
  4. Recycle Bin
  5. Temporary files
  6. Thumbnails
  7. Old Windows folder
  8. Etc.
This would be the safest way to delete and clean up your computer without crashing the system or messing up programs which may cause the programs not to run if you delete files that you don't know about.
Edited: Alot of us use ccleaner but make sure you set a System Restore point first just to be safe when using this program!
Hope this helped?