What the heck is up with Webroot ???

  • 18 February 2018
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How is it that a Company that specializes in Internet Security cant rid its own self from a mentally challenged  poster who spams an imaginary  Support  Digits day in and day out ?
Its quite apparent that the new and improved mode of operation is seriously lacking.Ive been a user of Webroot for quite some time but my tolerance is being tested with an abundance of spam that Webroot cant seem to get rid of.
Earlier today I tried to send a private message but was denied because of " Bad Words " Well........there were no bad words in my message but Webroot told me that a digit was a bad word so I spelled out the digit using letters.
When I attempted to send the message I got a big Red warning that I had used up my total sum of private messages for the day and to try sending it later.
So once again I ask.....whats up with Webroot and can they clean up their act ?
Absolutely and quite sincerely,

9 replies

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Amen Brother!!!
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Could be a sign of Folding up!
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@I quite agree it's getting really annoying now! I tried replying to this message yesterday and it wouldn't let me, kept giving me a message about containing a digit that wasn't allowed ie the number eight!!
I hope not acooldozen as Ive been quite happy with the past performance Webroot has given me. Best to them in gathering their poo-poo and finally getting it together once and for all, otherwise I want a complete refund on my brand new subscription.
Just my opinion of course but what chaps my hide about this is that there has been nothing....not a word from the stuffed skirts and shirts who own/manage/or have an interest in/ the customers of Webroot. Its like their all in their self imposed cricket world of silence choosing to say absolutely nothing about the ongoing issue.
My humble advice to Webroot would have been  for someone/anyone of importance over at Webroot to stand up like a mature person would and admit they have an issue and are doing everything in their power to correct it. Instead of ignoring the thousands and thousands of loyal Webroot users like they are doing.. they  could have posted a message on the various Forums explaining whats happening and what they are doing to correct it. We don't reside in a perfect World and doo-doo happens.What separates the successful from the not so successful is how they handle the doo-doo.
What Webroot chose to do is to inconvenience all their users by staying silent about the doo-doo.That's not a very successful thing to do; now is it Webroot?
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Hey everyone, 
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have seen an increase in SPAM coming into the community over the last couple of weeks. To combat this we have been working on increasing our SPAM filters. In doing so, we don't mean to annoy anyone or disrupt anyone's experience on the community. Instead, we're trying to keep the community and all community members safe. 
Sorry for the inconvenience as we work on resolving this issue. 
Thank you! 
These are REAL phone numbers that are being displayed by the spam posts (though obviously not real Webroot Support!!)—phone numbers meant to scam people out of their cash because they believe they are phoning real Webroot Support. Can't Webroot realise that none of their spam filters are managing at all to get around this clever little spambot? They're just discouraging Webrooters from posting to the Community because they keep getting their posts bounced back at them by Webroot with the message "You have used bad language" when they haven't. They have just typed a number, a bracket, a hyperlink or whatever else Webroot has added to their spam filter in their vain attempt to stop this spambot. And frankly most people haven't got a couple of hours spare to work out what particular character or characters the spam filter is interpreting as "bad language". Which is why there has been a dramatic reduction in posts in the last couple of weeks—and a lot of people who are probably fed up with the bouncing back of their posts, and pissed off with Weboot.
  • Posters are getting pissed off with the continual "bad language" message and consequently giving up trying to post their constantly bounced posts.
  • Also, a minority are falling for the scam phone numbers in the spam posts and are being swindled out of their cash, falsely believing they have contacted Webroot Support
The solution is actually incredibly easy. While this problem persists, just have a twenty-four/seven rota at Webroot in which someone is always on call to have each new Webroot Home Community post flash up in real time in a pop-up window on their screen (after all, there aren't that many posts posted to the Webroot Community), and when they see a Spam post, just hit a Delete post and account holder button. Problem solved!
Webroot aren't the only IT company who have been being plagued by this spambot. See www DOT google DOT be SLASH search?q=18004609661&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b&gfe_rd=cr&dcr=0&ei=EmyEWpXWLIzc8Afd35mACw . And I bet my bottom dollar that most of the other IT companies have already cottoned onto this—or another—simple solution.
The way you're dealing with this problem is not doing you any favours and is making you look pretty bad, Webroot :@
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We are taking this recent SPAM attack very seriously and are working with Lithium on resolving this issue as fast as possible while trying not to interrupt the overall user experience on the community. We can't share the specifics on what we're doing because as this is a public forum, the SPAMMERS could use this against us.  
I'm sorry that you've run into some of our filters while trying to post perfectly acceptable messages. We are looking at editing a few of these filters so that this will happen less in the future. Our team is marking the SPAM posts as such as soon as they come in and we are keeping up with it as much as possible.  
Thank you 
Good to hear, and thanks! If you are working towards a permanent solution, then maybe I blew my trumpet a bit prematurely.
Nevertheless, it does seem to me to be prudent in the meantime to make a little programme which allows there always (by using a rota system) to be someone at work at Webroot who has every new post to the Home Community flash up on their screen so that, when necessary, pro-active measures can be taken to instantly zap the spam posts and their account-holders.
 After all, the spammers seem to think that their spams are worth the trouble and the investment so they must be managing to screw some unfortunate folk out of their cash. And these folk will be following up on information given by posts on your own website. Not good, quite apart from being bad publicity for Webroot.
Too complicated to set up?? I hope not.