Why doesn't facebook login but all my other saved sites work perfectly??

  • 8 December 2014
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Facebook saved login doesn't work but all my othe sites work perfectly. I have tried deleting and resaving, using the repair ap that Webroot provided ot fix passwords with no luck.

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Hello there 🙂  Welcome to the Community!
I have no problems with Facebook, but as i recall I DID have to manually edit the entry.  I have had to do this with a few different sites.  Sometimes when setting up a site or creating a new record, it will catch the wrong URL.  
Give this a try and see if it helps:
Log into the Console
Click Passwords
Locate the entry for Facebook and click edit
Make sure the URL target is
Make sure the optoin to autofill is checked, and if you want the auto login as well
Save the record.
See if that will help!
Still not working for facebook. Tried the tool bar fixer, deleted all my passwords and reentered them again. Just started doing this a couple of day ago. Facebook worked on inital setup for 2 of my computers but not now on my Windows 8.1 computer.  I don't use it now on my other Windows 7 computer either.
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Hello again, 
I am not quite sure what you mean by the above... do you mean the Password Manager itself is not working on the Windows 8.1 computer or just the Facebook password?
Also, did you check the URL that the Facebook password is set for as I described in my previous reply?
Yes, i did all the suggesstions. When logged into  wtih password manager, facebook which was saved doesn't show anything, no uses name or password. Just stays blank like its never been set before for the facebook password and login.
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Did you verify autofill and auto login boxes are checked in the Console?
I fixed it. My facebook. com site was listed somehow under my "Never Login List". Deleted that list and now all working great.
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Awesome :)
Glad that is fixed!