Why is there no real update on the Password manager issue?

  • 8 October 2018
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Yes, this is another thread, but I think its absolutely insane that an internet security company can have functionality down this long with no real update other than "it doesnt work" Its immensely inconvenient that I have no access to the passwords from the service i pay for online security, and every time ive called every tech says something to the effect of "oh we have no update, were not sure whats going on". Oh except for the one who scolded me for not backing up all my passwords to a secondary location, other than the password manager... that was nice as well. 
the radio silence on this issue, and the lack of communication from Webroot is concerning to say the least. If anyone has more information other than "who knows, maybe some day in the eventual future itll be fixed" thatd be awesome because its a real pain in the ass not having it right now. 

3 replies

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See here for the latest info: https://community.webroot.com/t5/Webroot-SecureAnywhere-Internet/Firefox-Password-Manager-toolbar-no-longer-works/m-p/330632#M12735
At least this is some seblence of news. It still feels ridiculous that a service can go this long being down, and for everyone to just be expected to be ok with the inconvenience. 
Firefox version 62.0.3 has disabled the Password Manager and Toolbar.  Firefox says that Password Manager could not be verfied and therefore disabled.  Under Legacy Extensions, it says that Webroot Password Manager and Webroot Reputation Toolbar could not be verified for use and has been disabled.  Is there a fix to this?  Many thanks.