would webroot stop me from getting linked with matches look up?

  • 24 May 2015
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i am having trouble ge a password to be accepted on matches.com. i don't know if it has somnething to do with my computer or theirs. do i have something blocking me from getting on line with this location?

1 reply

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Hi pam2426
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When you say that you are "...having trouble ge a password to be accepted on matches.com" is that that you are entering the sign in credentials but the Password Manager is refusing to accept them?  If so is there any indication as and when this happens?
If that is the case then what you can try doing is to add the site manually; either from the option that is available from left clicking the Password Manager icon in the browser toolbar, then clicking on Sites and then Add Site OR by logging onto your Web Console (here), and once signed in then selecting 'Go to Passwords' option and once there adding the details of the site manually (there is an 'Add Site' option in the top righ hand side of the web page).
Hope the above is of some assistance but if not then please feel free to come back here with further questions/more information on the issue.
Regards, Baldrick