WSA identifies threat on MAC; WSA removes threat; threat counter never changes - always at zero.

  • 1 November 2015
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Good morning.  Installed WSA Plus on MAC.  Over the past several days, WSA identified threats and removed them.  However, the counter which displays "Total Threats" and other threat counters remains at zero.  Why is that?  I'm familiar with how the Windows version operates but the MAC version doesn't keep the running tally of removed threats.  Additionally, where can I go on the application to find which threats were removed?  It only displays a brief time on WSA prior to removal then the threat path within the system is gone.  Also, why isn't optimization available under Utilities?  I have the option on Windows but not on the MAC version of WSA Plus.  Thanks for your help. 

1 reply

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Hello ?,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Webroot runs differently on a Mac then a PC. Maybe ? can step in here and assist.
Below you will find information here won the Mac User Guide.
Please have a look here for Managing Detected Threats
Managing Quarantined items
Then have a look here at Saving Threat Logs
Saving Scan Logs
System Optimizer
Hope this helps?