WSA Internet Security + and MBAM Pro Not Working Well Together

  • 26 September 2012
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On Win XP Computer I have the Following Problem:
Both WSA and MBAM Pro work well together until I do a Full Scan with MBAM Pro. It takes over 1 hour for scan to complete. I also noticed that WSA is using 50+ % CPU while MBAM scans. Computer freezes for about 5 minutes after scan completes and after a restart computer runs very slow for about 5 minutes. I did a full Uninstall and reinstall of both programs and problem still there. I disabled WSA from Task Bar Notification Area and ran a Full Scan with MBAM Pro. Scanned normal, 30 minutes. Restarted computer and computer running normal. Can't do a full scan with MBAM Pro with WSA enabled. Trouble Ticket sent to CS about this problem.

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7 replies

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Vapor Lock? Let me try the scan and see if I experience the same...I have the same set up...
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Did the full scan...44 minutes with CPU averaging about  20%. No freezes or delays at the end. Win7 SP1x64.
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Hi ProTruckDriver,

There was a similar issue that was fixed back in version I assume this is an issue that just started happening for you in Do you know if you were you one of the affected customers back when this was happening prior to version

I see support is already looking at this case for you, and it appears we need some logs. I'm sure our excellent support staff will get the issue identified and dealt with for you. 🙂
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Hi Jim,
No I wasn't affected with this problem before. After posting this problem and before receiving a reply from CS I did a full Uninstall of both programs again and used CCleaner yesterday. Then reinstalled both programs this morning. I just did 2 Full scans with MBAM Pro with WSA running and it's working perfect again.Don't know what the problem was, but it looks like it's fixed. I still have the link from CS for logs. If it happens again I'll send CS the logs. I'll do a few more scans today and tomorrow. 😃
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Problem started again today. I sent logs in that CS requested. 😉
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I just wanted to give everyone an update on this issue. It looks like this issue is fixed in the new beta version. I've ran many scans with MBAM and it ran normal, no problems. Looks like if anyone is having this issue, it will be fixed in the next public release version. 😉
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Thanks for the update PTD!
I'm glad to hear that WSA and MBAM Pro are working smoothly together in the new beta. Please keep us updated with your findings in case any other issues arise w/the combo (hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on out, though)! :D