Advice to Prevent Phish Tests from Overwhelming Help Desk

  • 22 April 2022
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Every time  we push a phish test our help desk is inundated with tickets from clients “helpfully” informing us that they discovered a phishing email in their inbox.

We’ve tried distributing the phish test over the course of a month to keep volume down, but that just spreads out the tickets.

We have a few ideas we’re kicking around, but wondering if others have good strategies already in place.



1 reply

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Separate the queue of the phishing tests emails into another board, as there is an anticipation that spam test emails will be flooding in from the clients.

Depends on what setup you have (using a Service Desk application like ConnectWise Manager or something).

The ultimate goal though, is segrarate the two from each other if it’s becoming overwhelming for helpdesk and have someone monitor the queue and streamline it out in a convenient way.