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  • 21 April 2021
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I may be missing something when creating target tags in Security Awareness Traiining. What I thought would happen is I could create a list of tags and apply them to targets (users) when needed.

What I found was a bit clunky. I had to select an existing user, add a tag, and then apply the tag to that user. If I removed the tag from the user, the tag was no longer in the list of tags. 

For example, I tagged one user as newemp and another as csuite. Both tagswere in the tag list. When I removed the csuite tag from the user, it was no longer in the list.


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3 replies

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Hey there @lrolf ,

I’m going to ping our SAT product expert to see if he can help you out.

@ggreenbaum  - any ideas?

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Hi @lrolf,

If a tag has no users assigned to it, the tag will be removed. Tags cannot be maintained independently of users. Perhaps our  Distribution List feature is a better fit for your purpose? Check it out here:

I’ll keep an eye on this post so please feel free to follow up or DM me if you need anything else.



Thanks for clarifying this @ggreenbaum. We’ll keep it mind as we roll out these services to clients.