Difficult to manage a dynamic workforce (new hires) and to see what courses each employee has completed

  • 6 January 2022
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I find the SAT administration quite frustrating from an admin perspective. We want to ensure all of our employees have the same Cybersecurity training courses. Ideally we would like to add new employees to an existing Campaign, but instead we are forced to create a new campaign just for that new employee (target). And when all of our employees have  completed 5 courses that is 5 new Campaigns for every new employee. It gets very messy.


Additionally we would like to easily track all of the courses that each employee has completed. We are keeping a separate spreadsheet updated with this summary information. The available SAT reports do not give us this information readily.


Have I got this all wrong, am I missing something?






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Hey there @steve.west.m4a ,

I think these are some really valid questions. I’m going to ping our SAT product expert to see if he has any answers for you.


@ggreenbaum  - Any thoughts on the above questions? Thanks for taking a look!

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Hi @steve.west.m4a - sorry you are runing into issues. Fortunately I think I have a solution for you. 

  • For automatically adding employees to existing campaigns, use the Auto-Enrollment feature. Also, you might consider using the Distribution List feature for managing targets.
  • For reporting on individual users – currently our reporting is campaign-based, but we plan to support target-focused reporting in the near future. In the meantime, if you set up the campaigns as described above, you will at least have a single report (per campaign) which will provide this data. 

    Additionally, we offer the Universal Reporter app which provides additional flexibility and provides data directly in excel. It requires some work, but it could provide the single view you’re looking for, or at least get you closer. 


    Please note – if you’re interested in exploring the Universal Reporter, please reach out so I can provide an updated template with additional instructions which will make it easier to use.

Hope this helps. We are here to help, so reach out if we can help in any way.


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Hi @steve.west.m4a  - I wanted to provide one other option for viewing user-based training activity across campaigns. Check out the report “SAT: Training Progress” under the reports tab. See attached screenshot - I think this might give you exactly what you need, please let me know.


Can I set a campaign to Auto-Enrollment after it has been created?

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Hi @steve.west.m4a unfortunately Auto-Enrollment can not be enabled for campaigns post-launch.