LIst of fake-domains?

  • 2 April 2021
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One of the tools I provide for a number of my clients, is an anti-spam service, which blocks pretty much all of the Security Awareness emails out of hand. If I’m trying to help them learn how to avoid phishing emails, though, I’d really want them to be able to receive those emails, instead of them just going to the junk bin.

When I tested out a different company’s version of this, the way we got around it was to load up a list of the domains used by the testing system, and whitelist them all, to make sure that the users actually got the messages. Is there a way to get such a list for this? Because otherwise, this isn’t going to be particularly valuable to my clients.

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Hello @dspigelm - thanks for checkout out our product. Using an ip-based filtering approach, rather than DNS-based, is recommended. Consider that the list of placeholder domains changes, so you don’t want to have to manage that.

Check out the whitelisting instructions here and see if this solves the issue:

Standing by should  you need anything else.