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  • 30 March 2021
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I haven't auto setup the reminder email while creating the training campaign whereas I found this ‘Send Reminder Now’ button under the launched Training campaign.

Is there a way to find to whom the Reminder emails are sent when you click the ‘Send Reminder Now’ in the Reports.

I would like to extract the list of targets who haven’t completed the training and the reminder emails need to be sent to them.  



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4 replies

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Hey there @Cyber2021 ,

I’m gonna ping our SAT expert to help you out! Any thoughts @ggreenbaum ?

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Hello @Cyber2021  - there are several ways you can see target status for your campaign. One quick way to see who will receive reminders is to use Phising Line Data in the subconsole - see the screenshot below. You can set the filter to show you who HAS completed the training - these are the users who will NOT receive the reminders, and everybody else (if they have a vlid email address) will receive reminders. Alternately, you can simply download the activity data and analyze the data manually.

Hope this helps - standing by for anything else you might need.



Thanks for your response, yes I am aware of this option. Also I actually downloaded the CSV and manually had to figure out who haven't completed the training.  

I want the list of targets who haven't completed the training. The option right now available in Webroot is to see/extract  the targets who have completed. For small amount of targets it would be easier to manually analyze whereas if you have more targets it’s a time consuming process.

Also, the ‘Send Reminder Now’ will just trigger the same training email template(initial), whereas based on the ‘training not complete list’ I am planning to create a new campaign with the second reminder notice email template. Do you have any such option in Webroot?  Thanks

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Hi @Cyber2021 you might find the Campaign Summary Report in the Console to be more effective in the future. To see that report, simply click the campaign name in the Console, scroll to the bottom to see the target status.

Regarding targeting users who did not complete a specific training, we have dynamic segments on our roadmap. This feature would allow you to create a target list based on results of previous campaigns, as you are looking to do.

Customizing the reminder is an interesting idea I have not heard before. I will add this feature for consideration.