Webroot to Deliver Integrated Security Awareness Training

  • 6 March 2019
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Webroot to Deliver Integrated Security Awareness Training
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Starting early April, Webroot® Security Awareness Training will allow administrators to launch global campaigns across one or all clients in a single click—an industry first. Additionally, the solution from Webroot, the Smarter Cybersecurity® company, will include Client Breach Reports, updated course content, a new phishing lure page framework and integration with the Webroot Global Site Manager console for streamlined management across multiple users, clients, and sites.

The enhancements utilize the power of the Webroot Platform and its continuous threat intelligence analysis, which provides contextual data to the entire Webroot suite of business solutions, including Security Awareness Training, Business Endpoint Protection, and DNS Protection. The Webroot Platform feeds the security training solution with real-world trends and examples to create relevant content. Every Webroot solution is purpose-built to support a layered security approach for managed service providers (MSPs) who work with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

According to a recent 451 Research report, 62 percent of SMBs said they have security awareness training programs in place, but they also reported their programs are ineffective and difficult to manage. Security awareness training programs should be engaging for the end users, effective in risk reduction, and easy to set up and manage. A Webroot Security Awareness Training efficacy report found that an ongoing approach to security education and training resulted in a 70 percent decrease in click rates on phishing simulation links.

Key Enhancements
  • Global Campaigns: Customers can launch training campaigns across multiple client sites in a single workflow and create a global snapshot of users’ progress in one view across all clients or by site.
  • Global Management: The Webroot Global Site Manager provides single-pane-of-glass management, delivering a contextualized platform across all Webroot business products, effectively protecting the entire user profile, not just individual endpoints.​​​​​​​
  • Client Breach Report: This risk assessment tool allows MSPs to create a report that outlines breaches associated with any client or domain, organized by user and breach. Reports include a summary of the breach, a list of breached data by category, along with impacted users. MSPs can use the report to demonstrate why their clients need security awareness training and advise them on tactics to avoid future security incidents.​​​​​​​
  • Updated Course Content: Webroot continually expands its course content library. New course themes this quarter include password and email security training in addition to real-world breach scenario simulations. Webroot leverages micro learning—short courses about five to ten minutes each—which is a best practice among e-learning specialists when it comes to information retention and attention span.​​​​​​​
  • New Phishing Lure Page Framework: Users can now copy an image of a form for a phishing lure page rather than writing HTML code. Admins simply enter a URL and the solution can display the lure page as an image. This mimics how hackers set up phishing pages.

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