Adding the WIFI VPN to a router

  • 8 February 2020
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I have and ASUS router and I have the option to load a VPN service so all my devices would be protected.  I purchased the Webroot VPN assuming I could utilize the VPN configuration on my router.  Is there an option within Webroot to do this?  If not I would need to cancel with Webroot and utilize another VPN service.  I hate to leave as I also have the Webroot antivirus suite as well.


Please advise


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I don’t believe this is something that is officially supported yet but I know that there were plans to add OpenVPN support which may make it at least technically possible in the near future. I don’t work on the Product Team so I am not aware of specific dates and even if it is technically possible I don’t know if this is something that will officially be supported.

It is primarily being sold as a “on the go” security solution but you are not the first customer who would prefer to use it all the time at home.

I will refer your question to our client and product teams and will hopefully have an answer for you shortly.