Are VPN service compatible with Webroot?

  • 7 July 2017
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Are VPN services compatible with Webroot? 

4 replies

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Yes, you can use VPNs with Webroot. The exception is web-based VPNs which may be blocked by web filtering. These ones are typically used to bypass Internal Policies, so that shouldn't be an issue for using a reputable VPN service.
Thanks! How would you suggest locating a compatable VPN?
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No problem!
Any major VPN should work just fine with our Endpoint Protection. The decisions are quite endless.
I suggest looking at some comparisons that will give you the breakdown on what exactly each product includes. Here are a few that may give you exactly what you're looking for.
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I would suggest using a Windows server based VPN if possible. These allow for more granular management of the connection. They are super simple to setup and work with the built-in Windows VPN flawlessly. They are PCI compliant too!