Cannot log in to WiFi Security

  • 11 May 2020
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I ordered wifi security on my phone and I know it got approved but I can not log into my wifi security as it says I haven’t verified  my email and I’ve never received that email. what do I do?

4 replies

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@Reneeanderson2 Assuming you used the same email address you are posting with here it doesn’t seem that you have created your WiFi Security account yet. Please check your email receipt for instructions on creating your account.

After clicking on the link in the receipt you will be able to register an email address and password for your account and should be able to login to the app on your devices after verifying that email address.

If you used another email address to register WiFi Security please Direct Message (DM) me that address and I will check the status of that email address for you and email that address with any further instructions. For your own privacy please do not post your email address publicly on this thread.

I never got a email so I could log in

I may have used my gmail but it should of been the one Best Buy knows

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@reneeanderson Where did you buy WiFi Security? If it was direct from Webroot then you should have received an email with a link and instructions to your account. If it was via an app store (Apple or Android) then you should follow the instructions to add WiFi Security to your account via the app.

See for the steps involved.