cant connect my VPN no matter what I do

  • 17 May 2020
  • 4 replies

Please help!

4 replies

should put the fix here for everyone - i’m sure its always the same

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Hello @rond 


The only thing you can do is Submit a Support Ticket and they will sort it out for you. I will ping @pstonethompson to see if he can do anything on the backend.



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@rond I think this particular problem is specific to you - I have asked a colleague to check your app subscription status is in sync with our systems.

Please help!

“No matter what i do”, Could you list what you have tried already? Because the first thing I do when i cannot connect to my VPN is restart my laptop. That is an instant fix because, in laymen terms, i have the firewall enabled with specific permissions and when i go against those permissions i have to troubleshoot.