facebook, gmail and more don't work with wifi-security on

  • 23 February 2019
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I just got wi-fi security and am finding way too many sites I commonly use on laptop, android phone and tablet that totally bomb with wi-fi security connected. Have I missed crucial settings? Anyone else having problems like this? (sure would like gmail to work through vpn as google picks up key words in both headers and text to send me adverts I REALLY DON'T WANT, total invasion of privacy).

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3 replies

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Hello @wynnelee and welcome to the Webroot Community!

I don't see those kinds of issues when I use the WiFi VPN so I would suggest that you Submit a Support Ticket and I will ping a couple of the Webroot staff and not sure if the staffers will reply until Monday. @RMarchi @pstonethompson

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@wynnelee here is the online User Guide for WiFi Security:
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@wynnelee Please can you expand on what you mean with "totally bomb". Do the sites not connect, show error messages, prompt you for extra security checks as you appear to be connecting from a new location?

If there is an error message in your browser it would be helpful if you could quote it in the response (as long as it doesn't contain any Personally Identifiable Information).