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  • 13 May 2020
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I’m starting to get upset that I made the really wrong choice about this security group.  I thought it came with fairly decent rep but beginning to wonder now.  Feeling a bit “snookered” at the moment; money paid “no refunds” and I left with a partially working program.  Set out a help ticket request, talked to a “tech” personally on the phone, and I still have unresolved issue.  How long does it really take to get appropriate assistance (after all one of the “features” touted on this security program)?

The most expensive part of the program - interestingly enough - my WiFi Security program is totally non functional and one person has already “tip-toed” around in my computer and couldn’t “fix” or “find the issue.”


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4 replies

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I cannot find a WiFi Security order or account with the email address you are registered for the forum with - can you Direct Message (DM) me the email address you purchased WiFi Security with and I will look into it for you.Please do not post your email address publicly on the forum for your own privacy.

done sent email - not solved - sent email to admin

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Per our messages we have taken action to fix an extremely unusual issue with your account (which was not a result of any action on your part) - please try and log on again and let me know how you get on.

Sent you private response as well - I did once again (three times before sending this) attempt to log in.  Not getting account is invalid any longer, now it just showing not connecting to my PC.