How do I shut down the Wifi Security for Windows 7?

  • 3 December 2019
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I’ve noticed that the Quit option is only accessed from the hidden icons list, but “WiFiSecurity.Service” continues to run in the background and use 30,980K of memory according to Windows Task Manager. If I End Now from the WTM, it dies down to ~16,300K of memory. What’s up with this?


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4 replies

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@yarow12 I have raised a query with our app team regarding this.

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@yarow12 I have had the following response from the application team with reference to the Windows service-

it is normal that it is running in the background since this is required for Automatic WiFi Security feature. For the same reason the service is set to auto start itself when killed. In addition to Automatic WiFi Security, the service supports a number of other features, including the VPN connection management. The service initializes certain libraries needed for these features. This is happening on demand which is why after the fresh start the service consumes less RAM. Normally the RAM consumption should not be more than ~45mb.


I hope that that helps.

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If that’s not in the FAQ, it should be. Thanks for explaining.

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@yarow12 I referred this to our content team and spotted today that they have created

Thank you for your feedback.