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  • 16 October 2018
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Working with the non-beta WiFi Security VPN for the past few days.  While I have expereince no significant issues with the mobile version the Win10 version has been problematic.  The Win10 version has very frequent disconnects (a couple very 10 minutes) and when establishing or re-establishing a connection it will stay in "refreshing" status for more than 10 minutes (at which time I am frustrated going without VPN).  My Win10 system checks are all is good.  I can establish solid VPN connections with other services, so I am inclined to see this as a problem with WiFi Secure.  I did not have this problem with the beta version of WiFi Security.  I suspect either the VPN server provider used by Webroot has a traffic issue (as the Webroot software appears to install and initialize properly) or WiFi Security has a compatibility issue.

9 replies

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Hi, thanks for letting us know and sorry you're having issues.  It is interesting that the beta worked fine but the official release might be having an issue.
Have you uninstalled the beta version, and have you rebooted after installing the new version?
We may need some additional info to track this down.
Hi there. I bought and installed WiFi Security yesterday. I use NordVPN without any issues, but when I use WiFi Security from either Spain [where I am currently located],or via the UK server, it is constantly reconnecting. This makes me wonder whether my data is actually being protected. Unfortunately, my Internet connection is via WiFi from a company called Winet and is quite slow [under 10meg] - could this be the problem and, if so, is it likely the VPN will not be efficient from here?
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I am also using Windows 10 & having similar problems. I never had the beta version.  Every 1-2 minutes, a green box pops up on the upper right part of my screen saying "WIFI is Reconnecting. Auto reconnection is in progress." This is not happening on another laptop where I am using Windows 7.
Forgot to mention that I'm using a PC running Win10.
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It appears that one contributing factor was with a remains from a legacy antivirus.  A deep cleaning found this remainder.  Since WiFi Security has been more stable, but not as stable as my former VPN service (PrivateVPN based in Sweden).  While WiFi Security is not perfect, I will continue to work with it.  In a month or so, I should have a more complete evaluation of it.  I do appreiate the responsiveness of the Webroot community and corporate customer service.  Thanks.
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Even though I live in Illinois, I found a better connection using USA West. Since using this, I am not having any reconnections issues.
Thanks for help Webroot support!
I live in Illinois also, and am running Window 10 with the same reconnecting issues. That and my internet loads so much slower than it did before, including my e-mail handler.
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Hi ArtemisA
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Is your use related to mobile or PC/Mac usage? Are you using the VPN all of the time to connect to the Internet? If so disconnect from the VPN and then check for the same symptoms/load speeds etc., when connected directly. That should indicate whether the issue is down to the VPN or perhaps just you ISP's connection.
Also, for the record, I do not use the VPN when connecting via my own router (WiFi or Ethernet cable) unless I am suspicious of the connection or doing something that I really want to keep private (although for online protection WRSA by itself is as good as you will get without a VPN so I do my Internet banking without the VPN).
I generally only use the VPN always when doing personal and/or confidential activities using public WiFi hotspots, etc.
Give what I have suggested a try re. not using the VPN and post back here with the results.
Regards, Baldrick
I am using it on a PC, wired connection. I have noticed it does run better without the WiFi Security running however, it does run somewhat slower since upgrading to the Internet Security Complete.
Thanks for the suggestions and reply.