Just not connecting to anywhere!

  • 2 March 2019
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Fails to connect, over and over.

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Hi Abrasaxon

Welcome to the Community Forums.

What I would look to do is to uninstall, reboot/restart & then reinstall.

If that does not work then I would Open a Support Ticket so that the WiFi Security Support Team can take a look at the issue for you and hopefully resolve it.

Regards, Baldrick
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@Abrasaxon Apologies for the inconvenience this is no doubt causing. If you want to Direct Message (DM) me the email address you used to create your WiFi Security account I can check that your account is set up correctly.

Do you have multiple devices with WiFi Security installed? Can you connect on any of them?

Have you tried more than one VPN location (for example USA East instead of USA West) to see if the behaviour is the same?

If you could let me know the operating system of the device(s) you cannot connect to there may be more specific troubleshooting advice we can offer.

In general though I'd echo Baldrick's advice that contacting our excellent Support team is probably the fastest way to get this resolved for you.