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  • 20 February 2019
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Hi - I am having problems with the wifi security program, and as I can read from the former posts, my problems have been adressed before. This is dissapointing news to me.

Wifi Security is version 1.0.5 (1) and I am on a Mac Mini with HighSierra.

My first issue is, that though I have checked the run on start up box, nothing happens when I power up the computer. I have to manually find the program and click on it.

Then i have to wait for 1 minute to be logged in - only to be shown the subscription terms screen and then, again, have to click agree.

The connection to automatic location takes about 5 seconds and is very very good.

But then I have to disconnect and connect again every 3 hours. I simply loose all internet connection after 3 hours online. That is simply not acceptable.

I guess I couldn't find any of theese problems listed when I visited your website to buy the program, and I have to ask wether you can solve theese issues, or if you have a money back guarantee ?

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I am sorry that you have been having problems with WiFi Security @Zonker

I have contacted the QA for the Mac client and they are trying to replicate the three hour disconnect and have not been able to replicate the startup issue you described on HighSierra.

The good news is that the EULA issue should be going away with the next release.

Can you contact our excellent Support Team with reference to your Startup issue and Disconnects?