New webroot wifi security update?

  • 6 April 2020
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Did anyone else notice that since using the new update, that  windows 10 data usage shows the app ‘openvpn’ being used, instead of the webroot vpn? I re-installed older version and I’m back on webroot. Thanks in advance  for any clarification.


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Hello @light_hse 

Yes. that is the updated WiFi Security using Open VPN support. Please have a look here:


I hope this helps?

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@light_hse Our latest update adds the Open VPN protocol to the existing supported protocols in order to expand device support and provide an alternative option for users when connecting to the Webroot VPN.

Whilst a different protocol is may be in use, you are still connecting to the same endpoints and enjoying the same security benefits. I believe that it is possible to change your preferred protocol from the preferences menu, but unless you have a particular reason to change it or are troubleshooting connection issues we would recommend you leave it on “Automatic”.

Put very simply the update adds an alternative method of connecting to and encrypting traffic to the Webroot VPN - it doesn’t change where you are connecting to or that your internet traffic is encrypted and not visible to your ISP or other devices on the local network.

I will feed back to the app team that the labelling was confusing on Windows.

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After installing the update and trying to browse websites, my Open VPN keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every 30 seconds.  The only way I can stop it is by turning off “automatic” and going to a ‘slower and less secure’ protocol.  How do I go back to the previous version where I could stay connected?

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I believe that as OpenVPN is a newly added protocol selecting the alternative protocol manually is functionally identical to rolling back anyway. If you used a older installer then it would only auto-update to the newer version which would make rolling back a wasted effort.

I would strongly encourage you to raise a support ticket to investigate why the Open VPN protocol keeps disconnecting for you though. Does this happen on all endpoints? I.e. If you try a different region does it still disconnect?