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  • 2 March 2019
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My work employs about 1000. The network is a 2-tiered system:

1) a secured login where the employees supply the network-wide Login ID & password
2) an unsecured Guest account

Question is which one is best for using WR Wifi Security for individual privacy away from the prying eyes of our IT department?

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2 replies

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Hello @Crackers and Welcome to the Webroot Community!

IMO it shouldn't matter because a VPN is a Tunnel between your device and to the sites you visit just have a look at this short video: but I would use the Guest Account if I were you for personal things if you are that concerned.

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In terms of the protection Webroot WiFi Security offers, it shouldn't matter if it is a personal device if it is the unsecured or secured network. Webroot WiFi Security is designed to offer protection on unprotected WiFi networks such as those found at coffee shops, hotels and public buildings.

In most workplaces personal networks are restricted to guest networks if permitted at all. Check your employer's policies on this.

If the device is issued by your employer then all bets are off as the device itself may have monitoring software installed. Depending on your jurisdiction then the employer may be required to notify you of this.

I would strongly suggest you read the policies your employer has issued in terms of which devices are permitted on each network and also in terms of acceptable behaviour on the network. Whilst the WiFi Security VPN might allow you to to evade some controls and restrictions placed on the network by your employer, use most likely does not negate any agreements signed as part of your employment.