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  • 14 May 2020
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I have been using SecureAnywhere, and I decided to buy the Wifi Security as well. So, I downloaded Webroot Wifi Security. The problem is when I login to it, it gives me a ‘Login Failed’ message stating ‘Check your credentials and try again. If you have not verified your account using the verification email, you must do so before logging in.’ This is on my Windows 10 laptop. Everything, that I can see, is up to date.

I checked my credentials, they seem fine. I changed my password just in case that was it, but still the same message. I also tried this on my Android phone, but to no avail.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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2 replies

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@Lilana Where did you buy WiFi Security? If it was direct from Webroot then you should have received an email with a link and instructions to your account. If it was via an app store (Apple or Android) then you should follow the instructions to add WiFi Security to your account via the app.

See https://community.webroot.com/getting-started-91/purchasing-webroot-wifi-security-329871 for the steps involved.

I am still havs problems with someone  scaning my files when I log on a Bank website or a N J Lottery site.