WIFI Security vs. DNS Protection

  • 2 March 2019
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These two products have some degree of overlap. Do you see people using both? Or do you see some sort of integration of the two products?

I'm a fan of dnscrypt myself, although it's tough to get working.

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2 replies

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Hi Abrasaxon

Ideally one should use both, i.e., a VPN & also set one's DNS services to one of those that provides a degree of 'protection' from the likes of dangerous/nefarious sites, etc..

If comparing VPN vs DNS services, then you need to be clear that the latter does not protect online activity or one's privacy as they do not encrypt communications. However, this latter point does mean that DNS services are faster.

But it goes without saying that if you want to keep your online activities private, then you need a VPNas DNS services do not offer the safety and security you can get with a VPN.

Just my thoughts...for what they are worth.

Regards, Baldrick
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As far as I understand it DNS Protection is marketed as a business oriented product as this is not something the vast majority of home users understand or tinker with. Some consumer ISP-supplied routers even prohibit changing DNS servers on a network level due to the potential for malicious use if the router or devices on the network are compromised.

WiFi Security in contrast is currently being marketed to consumers and home users as being better suited to their needs.

It is worth noting that WiFi Security does use elements of DNS Protection with preset rules when you switch on Web Filtering (available on Mac, Windows and Android). I don't believe it is possible at the present time to customise those rules, it can either be on or off.

As WiFi Security uses replaces the network's DNS server with its own internal DNS to bypass a potentially malicious DNS server (a primary use case being safety on a untrusted WiFi network), I don't believe that any rules set on DNS Protection applied to your network would have any effect on that device whilst connected to WiFi Security.