WiFi staying connected problems

  • 16 April 2020
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When using computer the internet would go down all of a sudden or disconnect. This didn’t happen just once, numerous times through the day/evening when using my pc…. very frustrating!!! Sometimes I would even have to shut the computer down and restart. Couple weeks ago I stopped signing in to use the wifi security program and I have had NO problems since. Looking at removing the wifi security.

2 replies

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Hey @Lorraine ,

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There are likely some configuration changes that will help you with these disconnection issues. Your best bet is to contact WEBROOT SUPPORT for further assistance. Using that link you can either contact them via phone or e-mail. Keep in mind that you should only send one support ticket - sending multiple will slow down response time. Please keep us updated with your progress after speaking to them!


My wifi security-VPN will not stay connected.  Help me resolve this problem, please.

Oliver Nusser

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