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  • 1 March 2022
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I have changed internet security programs before and all of them have removed the prior security company before installing. Do I need to manually uninstall Trend Micro?


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Uninstalling trend micro before installing Webroot would be advisable.

That would have been a great idea for a tech that knew Webroot would let you install it without removing Trend Micro. When I installed Trend, it did it’s job and would not install until it removed the original Webroot.

I got an email asking me to mark best answer. I have yet to see an answer. There is a comment saying, “Uninstalling trend micro before installing Webroot would be advisable.” That is not an answer. I don’t know why even one person liked that. As you can see by my question, I have already installed Webroot without any flags saying to uninstall Trend.

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Webroot won’t ask you or force removal of other security tools. It’s designed to work quite well with other products/services installed onto a system. It’s usually NOT recommended though as it can cause undesirable random side effects. 

I do know that a lot of other products will indeed NOT install if Webroot, or, for that matter, any other product than their own is installed. This really is both a marketing (they want you to use theirs and say that the competition is bad) and it’s also a reminder that having two at the same time can cause issues. 

If you want to remove Trend, go right ahead. You can uninstall through the normal means for removing a program from your system, or, if you are having trouble, I do believe that Trend has some special “removal tools” available to help remove the product from the system. Just Google Trend Micro (insert the specific Trend product you are using here) Removal Tool.  Know that you’ll likely have to reboot after running the tool.


Hope this helps.