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  • 17 January 2018
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Finally has been released. My growing issue with WebRoot is that it is taking months for you to resolve issues like this. That version of Windows 10 launched  October 17, 2017. It took you three months to release a version of your product that works. Meanwhile your partners have spent countless hours trying to debug issues that ultimately were caused by WebRoot. For many of my customers I have had to move on to other products that were fully compatible with Windows 10 Fall Creator's update. There are several WebRoot related issues over the past year that has taken WebRoot months to resolve. Why is WebRoot non responsive towards these issues? How can I have confidence in a product that I have to disable key parts of the program in order for it to work? Does this same lackadaisical approach apply to protecting my customers from viruses and malware?

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5 replies

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Greetings @,
I've checked some records on our end using the email address you used when you registered for your Community account and it appears our Support Team has provided you some instructions to resolve the issue with Windows 10. Were you able to follow the steps they provided?
The resolution was to turn off key features of the product. That is not acceptable. 
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There was a follow-up email we sent two weeks after the ticket was opened which gave instructions for installation the patched build that addressed the specific Windows 10  Fall Creators issues of seeing 'access denied' for files- did you receive it?   I've reproduced the relevant content for reference
To force an update to the latest version, please use the "Agent Commands" option from within the Webroot admin console. From the "Sites" tab of the console, click to manage the specific site in question > Endpoint Protection > Group Management > Agent Commands > Advanced > Download and Execute a File.
You can also use the URL above to download the installer locally on the endpoint via a browser, and run manually.

Finally, please reboot the machine for it to take effect.
I've been having the same issue with Windows 10 1709 feature update. WebRoot is basically unusable, causing constant freezing even after updating to 
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Please contact our support team and we'll be able to investigate further.