Agent versions out of support and AV Engine updates - I'm new to Webroot!

  • 27 March 2024
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Hi All, 
I’m a Webroot noob and just wanted to grasp how Webroot manages Agent Version lifecycle and how might that effect AV Definition updates.

Apologies if there’s a topic or webpage displaying this info.

I’m administering a site with a spread of Agents, up to and the Management Console I’m looking at gives a nice RAG status spectrum of the Agents, with the coloured in Red...assuming that means it’s out of support?

Is this just a visual indicator to suggest updating or has that version actually expired and at risk of not receiving the latest AV definitions?




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3 replies

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Hello @Rudi_77 


Yes the latest version is for Business users and for Consumers so need to be updated only because of Fixes but it has nothing to with the current protection because all of the AV Definitions are in and from the Cloud.


Are you a Business user?


If a Consumer here is the latest:




Let me know if you need any help!



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Thanks for the quick reply, 
I’m a Business User. 

I did read that AV Updates are managed by the Cloud but wanted the confirmation so appreciate the response.

However as good practice I will ensure the latest Agent is deployed where possible.

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Also is over 3 years old and I don’t see that build anywhere.