Alert Interval - sending email about same issue

  • 10 March 2015
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Hello, what is the default interval that email alerts will be sent when an endpoint reports a threat?
I've setup ConnectWise integration and all is working except it's creating duplicate tickets for the same issue.
I'd like to modify the alert interval so it only sends a new email after we've had a chance to look at the problem.  Last few were about one hour apart.

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2 replies

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I don't think there's a way currently to do what you are asking.  You could set it to daily summary so you only get one ticket per day - would that work?
You can also create a feature request here for your idea:
Thanks Nic,
We'll leave the interval as-is for now and determine if we need to make a change later.
I don't want to wait a day if a detected threat is really a threat can could potentially cause larger issues.