App installs as standalone and does not show up in my console

  • 21 October 2020
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I just started installing webroot endpoint on all my desktops.  They all seem to install okay except one desktop.   When I install using the link with the key code, it still asks for the key code and installs in as a standalone app.  It doesnt show up on the console and the user has full control of the app.

I tried rebooting, reinstalling, updating the pc… all the normal things, but it just doesnt want to seem to work.   All the other installs are working fine on similar desktops.  Any ideas???

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@supportECC  - a few things could be getting in the way.

  1. WR could have been present sometime in the past and has a lingering leave behind in registry. (Bug guess) and who ever managed it previously didn’t cleanly uninstall.
  2. Insure the keycode being used is a site only keycode (If you configured to just a single Business console and not a multi-tenant console, just make sure it’s the correct installer/key not the account key in an email or in the account section of the console.)
  3. Network communication - big stretch, but if the agent isn’t talking to backend servers, could pose a problem, but given it’s asking for key on install, that’s probably not it.


From console, send the agent command “Uninstall” and refresh config on the endpoint to make the agent call home immediately.

Local command line: Perform a clean uninstall. Rather than use the Uninstall in Add/remove - try shutting down protection - menu in the system try icon. Once shut down, try running the specific uninstall command by going to c:\program files (x86)\webroot\wrsa.exe -uninstall   Use the runas admin feature on command interface and wait a few seconds after invoking, it may pop up with a warning or may not. Ignore it and see if the agent uninstalls.

This command does a clean uninstall. Also, if possible, if you have issues, reboot the device into SafeMode with networking and run the above command.

Afterwards, try and reinstall with the installer from your console. I typically suggest using the EXE installer with the key as the installer name. xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.exe  - also, you can download a generic exe installer here and change the name WSASME to your keycode and it should auto install to that key.

If none of the above helps, reach out to our business support line, they can easily give you a hand.

Hope that helps.