• 17 April 2017
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I have a question that webroot technical
Have been updating some application on my computer , but webroot is seeng these as threats. I have used these application for a long time and the companies are reputable
as well as OZi explorer application

1 reply

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Hey @,
If you are using the business version and have access to the web console, you can click on the system shown in Group management and see what was recently picked up as a threat. 
You can then grab the MD5 of the file and place a support ticket with Webroot to have the file whitelisted. 
Would also be advisable to submit the Customer Support Diagnostics command to the endpoint as well. That's done through Group Management, agent commands, advanced, Customer Support diagnostics. That'll run a small utility on the endpoint that'll gather up logs so support can see what's going on, on the system. 
In the meantime if you urgently need it to work, click the file that's picked up falsely as malware and select Override and mark it as Good, give it a name and submit that. Then from group Management, select the system, then under Agent Commands, Files and Processes, select reverify all files and processed, followed by a scan command. 

That'll force the agent to check against overrides etc... upon the next scan.
Again, if all else fails, contact support and they'll be happy to assist ya.