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  • 27 February 2018
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I installed a Mac agent a few days ago, it was Today, I installed on another Mac and noticed in GSM, it shows version
So, I went to the first Mac and checked the version again, it's still The question is: does the agent update automatically to the new versions or not? It seems that I have no option for updating manually either in GSM or the current Mac installation, so I assume it will be upgraded automatically, but when?

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3 replies

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There's two flavours of  our agents for Mac and Windows , Consumer and Business.  
Usually they are on the same release version but there are occasions when they are not. 
In this instance, WSA Mac, Business is on and Consumer is on
It looks like different DMGs have been used on the Macs.  
Our next release for Business and Consumer will bring them both to 9.0.8.xx
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I wonder if there is any difference in functions or management between business and consume agents?
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Any answer for my question, please?