Browser Add-on/Extension availability?

  • 28 October 2016
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I have read some conflicting things on the business side here regarding browser add-on/extensions. We are not seeing anything in any browser getting install when we install the agent on an endpoint.
Should we be seeing an automatic installation of something? 
If not, is there something that should be manually install?
End users are accustomed to seeing an A/V integrated toolbar and search result threat ratings. Are these available with WSA Business? If not what do you all recommend that can be deployed alongside the agent? 

2 replies

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There was a webroot extension for Firefox and Chrome called "Webroot Filtering Extension" which was checking websites reputation and alerted the user if visiting website was unsafe. This is not available for now and I am not sure when will it become avail again.
For my needs, I have installed Firefox extension named "WOT", meaning Web Of Trust, which is very helpful in informing about safe/reputable and unsafe/suspicious or malware-dangerous webpages in the results from search engines.
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Currently, the WSAB agent installs code to watch browser activity and will interject a warning on any browser if a malicious website is visited. Web Threat Shield is where you can configure these features.
So, there's nothing to install per browser, it silently runs in the background.
The web reputation in a search is not available yet. A new web threat shield utilty is forthcoming and has been available in the consumer side. The business agent will be getting it within months.