Buisness endpoint protection - monitor shutdown protection and webroot startup

  • 26 March 2020
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 I am new to this group, so please tell me where the most appropriate place this question should be placed.


I have a bunch of developers who do stuff that once in a while Business Endpoint Protection complains.


From what I can ascertain, in the policies I enable the policy “Allow SecureAnywhere to be shutdown manually”.  From what I can see this is the only way to allow developers access to the HOSTS file for example.


I need to be able to monitor the Manual Shutdown of and startup.  I see that the Windows Application Event Log Security Center application creates events and records “Updated Webroot SecureAnywhere status successfully to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_OFF.” and “Updated Windows Defender status successfully to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON.”


Is there a way from within the Webroot Business Console to get this information for an endpoint?


Or is the only way to do this is to create a central event log manager?


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@David Woodson  - Welcome to the Webroot Community. This is as good a place to ask questions about endpoint for business as any. 8-)

Quick answer is to check the WRSVC service. If it’s running, then WR is running. If it’s not, then it’s been shut down manually and cleanly. (There’s a registry setting to detect if WR was shut down clean, which usually means using this policy setting.)

This is the cleanest method for your specific situation.

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Thank you