BYOD with Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Protection

  • 27 March 2013
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I see that among the setting of business mobile protection there is a Device Attribute called "Ownership" and you can set this to  "Employee owned" or "Company owned".
Firstly, I just cannot find this setting explanation in the online help, so you may add explanation there.
Secondly and most importantly, I got to this setting because my client is looking for a possiblitiy to enable the user of the device to set enything they like on Employee owned devices for the mobile protection, but wants to disable any setting changes on Company owned devices in the name of BYOD. (Something simliar to "Unmanaged" group in the business endpoint protection.) Can this setting do this for them? Or what is this setting really for?
If this cannot do it today, this is a feature request and will you develop it and when?
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Hi Gyozo,

The "ownership" attribute is only an information field, which can be used for reference. It currently has no impact on device control in any way. Although policies for Mobile Protection is something currently under development, there is no feature request for it currently open in the Feature Requests area. So you are welcome to add one for it to give the request some greater visibility, but it's being developed already in any case.