Cannot launch programs with database on another PC

  • 24 July 2013
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Hi all,
Firstly i must apology everyone for my english - it's not my main language.
After I'm install Webroot SecureAnywhhere on several PC in my little company i have problems - programs i just to use before don't want to run. Programs was installed localy on PC but database are on another PC (i used him as "serwer"). After install client on the "serwer" PC programs, who before run on another PC stop working. I was try many combinations of editing Polices but programs not run at all. I already even disabled all the options like shields, firewall etc but its still not work. I was refreshing configuration on each endpoint (PC) and it's not working too.
Have no idea what to do - I need to run this programs immediatly, please help.
Thanks for Your Help, I Hope.
Jared from Poland.

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If you turn off Webroot completely does it start working again?
We're using WSA with such a setup, however we're not experiencing these kinds of issues. So it doesn't seem to be a generic thing.
Can you indicate what software and database you're using as that might narrow down to what we should be looking at.
I'm new... silly question - how to " turn off Webroot completely"?
Edit: What u mean - compleatly turn off?
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Sorry was confused with the home products, the business edition doesn't allow you to 'exit' it.
I have solutions - lol,
When i was uninstall Kaspersky from "serwer PC", Kaspersky probably turn on windows firewall. Programs i want to run need exceptions in firewall or disable him at all. When i install webroot i was thinking that is him fault. My diagnosys was wrong from begining. When i disable/turn off windows buid firewall programs run normally.
Such a stupid day :D
Thx a lot for your time, hope this will help for the others...
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Thank you for responding your solution. Hope you continue to enjoy Webroot.
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Hi @ and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
Just to let you know that Webroot SecureAnywhere only has a outbound Firewall and hopefully your PC's and Server it protected by some other means of a Firewall as WSA suggests to have Windows Firewall on for complete inbound and outbound protection. Please see here: & here for more Business related information:
Best Regards,
Daniel 😉