Cannot login: DELL DDPA|Access with FDE Disks/SSD and Fingerprint issue after detection of a thread

  • 22 January 2014
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we use DELL Notebooks E6XXX with FDE Disks and Fingerprintlogin via the DELL Data Protection | Access Version 2.3.00003.072 on Windows8 64Bit and for Windows7 32Bit.
Following happens after each time awebroot detects a thread user cannot login neither via Fingerprint nor via username Password in Windows: Message "The request is not supported")
(eg: Hostname: XFTN200819 - xxxx
Infection List:
UPDATESTAR-DRIVERS[1].EXE, W32.Adware.Gen, %cache%, 4C2A78C28EC63663E0B291FC9159FB8C 
7-ZIP[1].EXE, W32.Adware.Gen, %cache%, 955B7FBC1F36C30B00BC05C0646EF2C5
The only chance I have is to went in Safe Mode, disable the WAVE Protection, Change to "Non secure Login", unencrypt the harddisk, reset the security inside WAVE, uninstall wave, install wave and resecure the laptop.
This happened about 8 times for now.
First I guess a old Version of WAVE but now a collegue with actual wave has this issue.
Why is this happened?
Do I anything false?
Please help this is a big issue due we depend on the encryption with wave! Any Idea?

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Thank you for opening your support ticket and for your patience. I followed up and see that our engineer is going to be speaking with you Monday morning.