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  • 15 June 2021
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I need to remove or disable webroot for an upgrade of the computer. The error is to please contact your network administrator, to access the user interface.

Problem is the software was installed by a another company who is no longer administering the computer and we are unable to contact them so they can disable it.

Can the Webroot just be uninstalled, or is there another way to open the programme. Its still active so we may as well use it if we can, but we need to setup white lists as well.




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Hello @Ford 


I will ping a couple of Webroot Staffers so they can give you some suggestions or you can contact Webroot Support. @coscooper  @dstokes1 


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Open a support ticket

Tel: 1-866-254-8400



@Ford You will need to uninstall Webroot from Safe Mode using Add/Remove Programs and ensure the WRData folder is fully removed once re-booted into Normal Mode. That folder is located here: C:\ProgramData

Webroot must be removed, since it was provided by another company or you will never be able to manage this Endpoint from your Webroot Console. 

If for some reason, Webroot is not in Add/Remove Programs while in Safe Mode, you can use the Uninstall switch: C:\Program Files (x86)\Webroot\WRSA.exe -uninstall

Lastly, for your own Webroot Console, I highly recommend reviewing our Best Practice for Endpoint Policies and making the recommend changes to your working Policy:

Webroot Endpoint Protection, DNS Protection, and Security Awarenes Training Administrator Guide - Endpoint Protection policy best practices

The entire Administrator’s Guide is a valuable read while you’re in there!


Hi I’ll try that command. Its not listed in the Add/remove programs

When I was in safe mode it let me open the console and I changed the settings to allow the programme to be shut down manually. I will try the WRSA command thanks