Cant remove/white-list infection

I have a client whose webroot installation says his ACPI.

- Webroot can't clean or delete the file
- I've booted off a boot disk & removed the file, when I do, windows doesn't boot up.
- I tried replacing the file with another version of ACPI.sys, but windows again won't boot.
- I tried getting the MD5 for the file and creating an over-ride, but the file still shows up as an infection
- The infection doesn't show up in my console, the PC looks clean in the console, the infection just shows up on the desktop.

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Sounds like we probably need support to dig deeper into this one.  Would you like me to have them contact you?
that would be great
I never heard from tech support
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I looked up in our system and I must have dropped the ball on getting this entered properly. I'm so sorry about that! I entered it correctly this time and it's showing up correctly, so they should be in touch with you shortly.