Changing System Cleaner Settings

  • 23 April 2013
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I'd like to change some settings for the system cleaner, but it rejects changes because they need to be applied via the admin console. I have yet to find any settings for this in the admin console, or any way of overriding GUI changes for system cleaner and active process control.
Any thoughts? 

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3 replies

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Hi Stewie,
These settings will be managable from the console very soon.  Probably not in the next console release, but the one just after. 
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Thanks for the info.
Being that i am new to the product, how often do these updates normally occur? I am certainly looking forward to many of the feature requests i've been reading about.
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It's hard to say in terms of a timeframe. Some ideas are very easy to implement in short order and others are much more ambitious. We try to strike a balance between short-term improvements and longer-term goals, and as with any dev efforts, there are often unforeseen hurdles that must be overcome in the course of developing any features. It makes communicating any sort of set, committed roadmap quite tricky. Really, the best answer is that it varies.

If you click on "implemented" in the status list in the Feature Requests section, you'll be able to sort down to only the implemented features and see the dates on which user-suggested features were submitted in the original post and on which they were implemented as well. That provides a general ballpark idea of how long it might take to implement a feature from a historical perspective.