Console vs blocked files and connections

  • 3 February 2014
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Whether it is possible from console view to check which files and connections are blocked on the endpoint?
 I hope that this is not only available from the endpoint GUI.
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4 replies

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Any takers??
Or just this can not be done from console view?
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Hi Sebastian
As far as blocked files are concerned you can gather an infection report in the Report section in the console.  However, you don't really have an option to peek into a quarantine of a particular endpoint.
(You may try and give a kudo to this idea:
As far as firewall is concerned it actually works in a background and I dont's see any option to check blocked connections other than by looking into a scan log file or Control Active Processes section on the client.

Maybe somebody else got any other ideas?
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I agree with all your findings above but I was hoping that we missed something 🙂
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Please take a look at this feature request and add your comments/kudos to it. If we can get some more discussion around this, it will help us get more traction with it internally.