Cryptolocker Request

  • 28 November 2013
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I called a little while ago asking for the possiblity to get an emailed .exe of the cryptolocker virus as i am wanting to test webroot out with the journaling system for the buisness i work for caled Little Dog Tech in Iowa. I know this isn't really something to post on the community fourm but i would like to know why i can't test it out, is there anyway to get a video of webroot against cryptolocker then but to where it actually gets into the system? because we want to make sure it works before we supply, I currently use it and love it, but the owner would like to make sure it works well against cryptolocker. Please help me towards getting a video of it happening and webroot getting rid of encryption from the journaling system or but sending us a link to a one time use email. 

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