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  • 10 September 2013
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We have multiple companies setup within our business family.  Each company has a Web Security "Group" and each of the employees is a member of the respective Group.  One of the GM's is looking for reporting on his company specifically.  He would like the following metrics weekly:
*  Top 10 sites visited
*  Top 10 blocked sites
*  Time spent on the internet
The kicker here is there are about 12 employees in this group.  As best as I can figure out so far I am forced to configure 3 reports for *each of the 12 users....or 36 reports.  I dont think that number is conducive to meaningful or easy-to-read data for the GM.  
I would like to find a way to generate 3 reports something like this:
*  One report that includes all 12 users (known as "Group") - Top 10 sites visited
*  One report that includes all 12 users (known as "Group") - Top 10 blocked sites
*  One report that includes all 12 users (known as "Group") - Time spent on the internet
I called support and they suggested I post here to give you guys a poke at it.  Any takers?
Also, if you have another innovative way to skin this cat, I am all ears!

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6 replies

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Thank you for submitting this idea!

Can I ask that you post this in the "Feature Requests" section of our community? This enables other admins to give "Kudos" on the subject, others to discuss other alike reports they'd like to see and also helps to prioritize these enhancements.
Thank you!
It is great to receive such a specific request for reporting enhancement. We will take this as input, and see what can be done in one of our future releases. We will try to keep you informed regarding when this might show up for you in the product. Thank you very much!
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Hey jbdubu - Would you mind posting your idea in our Ideas Exchange so that we can track it properly?
I just posted in the Idea Exchange. Thanks!
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Perfect! Thank you so much. :D
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Hello jbdubu,
After further testing, I was able to acheive this with the current product but you would have to click on one of the top ten sites to get a list of users.

I do see what you mean by not being able to export this information clearly in a "report" to give to your GM as it is more of an interactive report.
Thank you and I will pass my findings along to the Product Manager for further review.