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  • 11 October 2020
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We are a versatile IT company in that we take care of both small business and home users.  We are trying to move away from Eset Endpoint AV to Webroot.  However, we are lacking some functionality and we don't know how to overcome it.  In the Eset management portal, we are able to add custom fields so that we can accurately identify the customer, computer make and model, etc.  I can't figure out how to do that in the Webroot SecureAnywhere portal.  For businesses, I just create a new site and put all relevant business PCs installs under that.  That’s no problem.  However, for a home user, I can justify creating a site for each individual user.  I am looking for suggestions or best practices on how to do some type of labeling for management and record keeping purposes.  I know companies like Best Buy help home users - so how do they track their licenses per home user??  Suggestions please on how others do this?

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If you use the old portal (click kn the site for your home users), you can double-click the computer name and rename it. That's how I handle the home endpoints because, you're right, having a separate group or site for each is over complicated.