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  • 6 September 2012
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I unfortunately tested the "deactivate" button on my own machine in the console. How do I clean this up and have it back in the proper group? I know the clue was in the "this cannot be undone" warning but hey, I'm inquisitive! Any help would be most welcome! 


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4 replies

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We recommend opening a support ticket in cases like this so we can reactivate it for you.  Like the message warns, there is no way for you to undo the deactivation yourself.
In this case, since you signed up for the forum with the same email address you use in your console, I can actually see myself that you have two deactivated endpoints in your console, and I can reactivate either of them for you.  Are you looking to have C***********2 or C******P reactivated, or both?
Both please Jim! :$
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We went ahead and reactivated both endpoints for you. :D
Thanks Mike! Have a great weekend! :D