Deprecation of old Endpoint Management Console

  • 9 November 2023
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Good day,

I’m curious if anybody can shed any insight on the deprecation of the old Endpoint Protection Console and what we are to expect in terms of changes as of November 28th? I have reviewed training videos and understand where to perform most functions using the new console and entities.

Please understand that we have hundreds of a sites listed in our consoles and I have reviewed the videos.

Currently if I wish to go to the console and perform work on a site, I can go to the Sites list and I can search and find the site wether that is ABC company or XYZ, then I can click the little pop out or go to Endpoint Protection and click the “Go to Endpoint Protection Console” and I can access the old console.

So what happens when the existing console is deprecated? will this button go away? Will  there be a new button that will jump us to the specific site in Entities?

There are also some logs areas that I’m suspect will no longer be available.

  • Currently I can see which users accessed a site in the last several days
  • I can also review commands that have been run across all endpoints

With the new sites and entities setup I can only see a way to go to each entity/endpoint to view a command log and not one for the overall site. Plus it looks like we lose the log of which users accessed a site which can be useful.

Does anyone have any details of whether these logs will be accessible somewhere or what changes we can expect?


4 replies

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Thanks @chrisrose for posting from the luminaries community I will ping @csaunders to see what he has to say! @TylerM can you get in touch with staff please.

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@csaunders With this being a little over a week away I'm curious what changes we are to expect and a lack of response. Also, it seems we will be losing access to Endpoint Forensics which shows dwell time, MD5 etc. This is rather concerning as this can be critical for finding details of threats detected.

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@chrisrose I’m sorry this has gone so long. I have emailed Chris and his team to get back to you

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Hi @chrisrose apologies for the lack of response, I must have missed the alert on this one.

If it’s ok with you, would you mind dropping me a PM with your contact details? Id like to give you a call early next week to discuss this in a bit more detail. Could you also let me know what timezone you are in?