Discover Admin Recent Logins?

  • 4 November 2022
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This should be simple: we run a large multi-site network with a number of admins.

I need to see the status of our Admins:

  • Name and email, 2FA status, admin type (all on current console)
  • Most recent login date
  • Any login failure info you can provide

I can’t see ANY way to discover which admins haven’t logged in.  Not in the old or new console, not in API reporting. :(

How to solve it?


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4 replies

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@MrPete  In the Webroot Management Console, I select Admins, this bring me to a screen where I can see all Admins, as well as Site Only Admins. I can see which ones have 2FA enabled etc. Unfortunately, I cannot see when last the user have logged in or not. 

If you select the user, you can enable 2FA if not enabled. 


Unfortunately, for when last they have logged in etc, I cannot seem to see it either, so perhaps if someone else in the community knows how, that will be awesome, alternatively you can reach out to support and they can guide you here Sir. 

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The “recent login” is the biggie. As I said, the rest are already available in the old console and yes being copied across to the new one.


Just now I discovered another important capability that’s been lost:

  • with the old console, admins could manage site-only admins for their site(s). Period.
  • Now, normal admins can see but NOT modify site-only admin info!
  • ONLY Super Admins can do so… but super admins have control over everything in the entire subscription, which is too MUCH permission.


I’ve filed a bug report on this as well.

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A further challenge: even as Super Admin, I cannot manage my admins.

The only way to accomplish various basic functions is to delete and recreate an Admin!

  • Change their email address
  • Turn on/off their 2FA setting
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Hi @MrPete Sorry for the delay in replying here.

I was wondering if you be so kind to give me 30 minutes of your time so we can discuss these and any other console related thoughts you have.

Can you drop me a DM with your email address and some suitable times next week and I can set something up.